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Beaches in Sierra Leone

Turtle Islands

Located just off Sherbro Island, the Turtle Islands are actually an eight-island archipelago, renowned for their shallow waters and pristine white sand banks. Beautifully remote and shielded from the trappings of the modern-day, the Turtle Islands provide a rustic island retreat and fascinating cultural experience as visitors get to know the tiny fishing communities that live on these islands.

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Sherbro Island and Bonthe

Slow it right down on Sherbro Island, perhaps most known for its coastal town, Bonthe, a sleepy fishing village which was once a thriving trading post. Visitors will see remnants of its past glory, from the colonial-style villas and traditional Krio board houses to the remains of the United Methodist Church and the graves of British soldiers who died here enforcing the abolition of slavery in the early 19th century.

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Banana Islands

Take a boat transfer from Kent across Yawri Bay to the Banana Islands, comprising Dublin, Ricketts and Mes-Meheux. Beyond their beautiful beaches, dense tropical forests and tiny Krio settlements complete this rustic island retreat. Kick back in a hammock underneath the palms, go snorkelling or kayaking, or cool off in the mild waters surrounding the islands.

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A coastal fishing village on the Western Peninsula, Kent is the point from which visitors will access the Banana Islands. Known for its beautiful golden beaches and strong fishing community, this little village became a settlement for freed slaves in the early 19th century.

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John Obey Beach

Meet the eco-friendly community at John Obey Beach where visitors can overnight at Tribewanted, take canoe trips up the estuary, simply relax on the beach or enjoy the local seafood with a refreshing drink or two.

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Black Johnson Beach

Where the rainforest meets the sea, Black Johnson is a black-sand beach on the Peninsula, where fresh water from Big Water and Whale River flow through the rocks into the sea making it an ideal spot for a refreshing dip.

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Tokeh Beach

Relax under the swaying palms of Tokeh Beach, a popular option for international visitors and expats leaving bustling Freetown for a staycation. The beautiful bleached white sand and resort facilities offered by The Place make for a comfortable tropical retreat, although day visitors are also welcome.

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Bureh Beach

Surfs up at Bureh Beach as you’ll come to discover in this tiny resort town on the Western Peninsula. Home to the Bureh Beach Surf Club, the town is named after the independence leader who led the Hut Tax War against the British at the turn of the 20th century. Today it is a relaxing beach retreat, fishing town and surfing centre.

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