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Aberdeen Beach

Located just north of Lumley Beach, Aberdeen Beach is famous for its upscale hotels and restaurants, and for being the easiest place to escape the hustle and bustle of Lumley while staying in Freetown.

How to get there?

The suburb of Aberdeen is set on the northern tip of the Freetown Peninsula, about 2 km north of Lumley Beach. You can easily walk there from Lumley, taking about 20 minutes, or take a taxi from the centre of Freetown which will get you to Aberdeen Beach in about 15/20 minutes (depending on traffic). It’s also possible to get to Aberdeen by poda poda, but it will take you significantly longer.

About the Beach

Aberdeen is an isthmus on northern tip of the Freetown Peninsula, divided by the rest of Freetown by the Aberdeen Creek. There are two beaches – one overlooking Man O War Bay between the Bintumani Hotel and the Aberdeen Lighthouse, only about 200 meters long but with lots of canoes, and the northern end of Lumley, usually referred to as Aberdeen Beach. It’s a quiet urban beach, with good swimming spots and wide sandy sections to lounge or sunbathe on. It’s busy on weekends, but most of the action is further south towards the centre of Lumley Beach.

Things to do

Aberdeen is the go-to place if you’re looking for upscale hotels, restaurants, international supermarkets and nightclubs. There are several excellent hotels, and the atmosphere is quieter and less noisy compared to Lumley or central Freetown, making it a good place to stay for first-time Freetown visitors. It’s fun to walk around at different times of the day – in the morning you might see fishermen out on Man O War Bay and people collecting shells under Aberdeen Bridge, while in the evening the beach is a popular place for people jogging and exercising.

Places to Stay

The Radisson Blue Mammy Yoko Hotel is located between Lumley and Aberdeen beaches, it’s one of the best international hotels in Freetown and the only one boasting a private beach. Other good options for accommodation along the beach are the Bintumani, a resort with a swimming pool and conference centre, and the Golden Tulip nearby, facing the sea and with good dining options. All these hotels also have good quality restaurants serving Lebanese, Sierra Leonean and international cuisine. Another option if you prefer smaller properties is the Home Suites Boutique Hotel, with spacious rooms and good Mediterranean food at Swan Restaurant.

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