Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary

Where To Go Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary

Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary

A true jungle escape, Tiwai Island (Mende for Big Island) is set deep within Sierra Leone’s Upper Guinea Rainforest on the Moa River. Guests staying overnight on the island will take a traditional canoe or motorboat transfer to their accommodation on the island and overnight amidst the captivating sounds of the jungle.

Keep a keen eye out for colobus monkeys, chimpanzees, and the hornbills which nest overhead in the giant trees that tower over the jungle floor of this rustic island escape.

Take a boat trip down the river, embark on a guided forest walk, or simply relax and absorb the energy of this wild wilderness retreat on your terms.

Getting There and Around

From Bo, take the Potoru-Tiwai highway to Kambaba Village where you’ll board a canoe or motorboat transfer to Tiwai Island.

To know more about Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary visit http://www.tiwaiisland.org/Site/

Top Attractions

Forest Walk Sierra Leone

Forest Walks

Embark on a guided day or night walk through the Tiwai forest keeping an eye out for Diana and Colobus monkeys and take a break under Tiwai’s 200-year-old giant tree. The island also has up to 50 km of walking paths which you can explore on your own terms.

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Canoe Tours Sierra Leone Tourism

Canoe Tours

Head down the Moa River on a guided canoe tour, watching the birds fly overhead and keeping an eye out for monkeys and rare pygmy hippo. You’ll witness how the local villages interact with the river, seeing the handmade fishing traps on the bank and canoe ferries from one side of the river to the other.

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Beach visits in Sierra Leone

Beach Visit

At the tip of Tiwai’s northern edge lies a stretch of sandy beach where visitors can relax and swim in the fresh water during the drier season.

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Traditional Dancing Sierra Leone

Cultural Encounter

Meet the community members from the eight Tiwai Island communities who will perform cultural dances and share their unique traditions and heritage with guests on request.

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