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Explore – Surfing & Diving

Sierra Leone is celebrated for its world-class waves, particularly from March to October each year, thus attracting keen surfers from far and wide. The water is almost always warm and welcoming and there are plenty of popular surf spots to choose from. The beach break at River No. 2 in Freetown is ideal for beginners to get a feel for the sport without worrying about getting caught up in the more severe swells.

Bureh Beach, on the other hand, is the leading surfing destination for more advanced surfers and is the home of the Bureh Beach Surf Club. However, those who are after the especially impressive waves should plan in advance to make their way towards the remote Turtle Islands, which can equate to a four-day expedition.

Mainland diving is the most sought-after water activity in Sierra Leone, offering travellers the chance to look beneath the surface of the ocean and discover a world of underwater wonders. It is also a good idea to take a boat trip out to the Banana Islands where the ocean is slightly clearer and calmer, maximising clarity and the scope of marine life that divers are likely to see.

Explore – Deep Sea Fishing

Fishing is an important part of the economy in Sierra Leone, with its oceans promising a steady supply of shrimp, crab, lobster, tuna and mackerel. It is easy to choose a beach, grab a fishing rod, some bait, and reel in an impressive catch, or even find a tranquil lake or river nearby and spend the afternoon fishing in the sunshine. However, travellers who are after a more exciting and authentic experience can try their luck to get onto a boat with the local fishermen for a day trip out into the deep sea.

Fishing enthusiasts with their eye on reeling in the catch of the day should set their sights on Bonthe Holiday Village, a quaint fishing camp where big game fishing (with a strong emphasis on catching tarpon known for breeding in the estuary of the Kittam and Sherbro rivers, as well as barracuda, giant mackerel, and grouper) and birdwatching are just a few of the main activities and attractions.

Tourists should try to pay the Bonthe Holiday Village fishing camp a visit during the high season that extends throughout the months of January to May to boost their chances of catching higher quantities and larger fish.

Explore – Kayaking & Boating

With so many beautiful bodies of water to explore, it is unsurprising that boating and kayaking are among the most popular tourist activities in Sierra Leone. The Freetown Peninsula is a favourite spot for self-guided kayaking, particularly at Bureh Beach and River No. 2. Keep an eye out for many of the locals who might have their own kayaks on the main beaches. Most will be happy to let travellers borrow them for a few hours for a small fee.

Travellers who prefer something a little more ‘official’ can sign up to set sail on blissful sunset cruises along the sparkling Freetown Bay. The cityscape and ocean views are simply breath-taking, and drinks and snacks are usually served onboard to maximise the experience and boost the ‘party’ atmosphere all the more.

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