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Kangari Hills Forest Reserve

Image: VSL Travels


Located at the heart of Sierra Leone, the Kangari Hills Forest Reserve is one of the only remaining Upper Guinean forest ecosystems in the country and home to such protected species as forest elephants, chimpanzees and 115 documented bird species. The reserve holds massive potential for biodiversity conservation, but illegal artisanal gold mining activities and logging continue within this dense Guinea forest biome.

Getting There and Around

Travel from Kono to Makali or from Bo to Baomahun to get to a secondary road and then footpaths to access Kangari Hills Forest Reserve.

Top Attractions

Kangari Hills Forest

Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy a nature excursion in Kangari Hills Forest Reserve, keeping a keen eye out for such endangered species as the diana monkey, western chimpanzee, African forest elephant and buffalo, and birdlife including the white-necked rockfowl, black-faced rufous warbler and green-tailed bristlebill. Ask your guide to point out some the medicinal plants and spices used by the locals.

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