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Tokeh Beach

With sparkling white sand, palms in the background and shining turquoise waters, Tokeh Beach is as close to ‘picture perfect’ as you get. This beach on the Freetown Peninsula is also home to two of the best beach resorts in Sierra Leone, making it perfect for a weekend getaway from Freetown.

How to get there?

Tokeh is located in the southern part of the Freetown Peninsula, between River No.2 and York beach. You can easily walk from River No.2 during low tide in approximately 20 minutes, making it easy to visit two beaches in the same day. From Freetown, it takes about one hour to drive 35 km following the Peninsular Highway, but times may vary depending on traffic and time of the day – weekends are especially busy. Taxi or private car are the easiest options to reach Tokeh Beach, but it’s also possible to take a poda poda from Freetown to Waterloo and then hop on a shared taxi..

About the Beach

Sierra Leone has no shortage of spectacular beaches, and Tokeh is definitely one of the best – a crescent of soft powdery sand, fringed by palm beaches and hills covered with lush rainforest. This beach was one of the most popular in Sierra Leone before the Civil War, as it used to house Afrikana Tokeh Village, a 400-room resort that was a favourite of celebrities back in the day. The resort closed in the Nineties, but nowadays you can experience the heyday of Tokeh by staying at two excellent resorts, located right on the beach. Right opposite the beach you’ll find Tokeh Island, which can be reached with a 20-minute boat trip. Tokeh Beach is perfect to escape the crowds – despite being not far from Freetown, it tends to be quieter than other beaches on the Peninsula.

Things to do

Relaxing under the palm trees lying on the soft white sand is the main thing to do for people visiting Tokeh Beach. It’s also a good swimming location, with calm turquoise waters, and secluded locations along the length of the beach to put down your towel or string a hammock to spend the day in total peace. The two resorts on Tokeh Beach also offer dining options, and if you want to explore more it’s possible to organize a boat crossing to nearby Tokeh Island, a tiny uninhabited island covered in rainforest.

Places to Stay

Tokeh Beach is home to two wonderful resorts, with enough accommodation options for all budgets. Tokeh Beach resort was opened in the same location as Afrikana Tokeh Village, and it is divided into two separate parts – Tokeh Palms, the most exclusive and secluded, with swimming pools and villa suites, and Tokeh Sands, with simpler accommodation and beach huts for budget-minded travelers. There is also a restaurant offering an array of African, Lebanese and Italian dishes. The Place at Tokeh is the most exclusive beach resort in the country, with spacious beachfront suites, a swimming pool and an excellent seafood restaurant also serving delicious cocktails.

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