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Explore – Hiking & Trekking

With diverse scenery and terrains, it’s possible to enjoy scenic hikes across Sierra Leone. While it is possible for travellers to go on some trails on their own, there are also a multitude of guided hiking tours on offer.

One of the most sought-after hiking spots is Sugarloaf Mountain overlooking Freetown, so named due to its unique conical shape. This hike begins beneath a dense forest canopy before eventually transitioning to more challenging rocky slopes. The views are simply spellbinding, from a panoramic look at busy Freetown to the natural wonders of the nearby Western Area Forest Reserve.

Hiking towards the Mambo Waterfall is yet another adventurous highlight to add to the itinerary. It is a hike suitable for the whole family, taking travellers across the highway of the Hamilton and Mambo communities and up the lush hillsides towards the misty waterfall itself.

Explore – Biking & 4×4 Exploration

Cycling is popular in Sierra Leone, although not so much a leisure activity as a critical means for getting around. For travellers, it is an ideal way in which to appreciate the country’s beauty and get a broader view of the various communities and their daily operations.

If 4×4 is the preferred mode of transport, there are plenty of off-road trails to pursue and backcountry adventures to be had. A well-known 4×4 hotspot is Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary where visitors can view the country’s national animal, the endangered chimpanzee.

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