Kambui Hills Forest Reserve

Where To Go Kambui Hills Forest Reserve

Kambui Hills Forest Reserve

Located just 10 km from Kenema in eastern Sierra Leone, Kambui Hills Forest Reserve forms part of the Upper Guinea forest and greater Gola Rainforest landscape.

An area of significant scenic beauty, Kambui Hills is home to over 200 species of bird, including the white-necked Rockfowl, and primates such as the western chimpanzee and several species of colobus monkey, among others.

Getting There and Around

From Kenema, travellers can access Kambui Hills by motorbike.

Top Attractions

Bird species found in Sierra Leone

Bird Watching

Keen birdwatchers should keep their eye out for two globally threatened species found in the forest reserve, including green-tailed bristlebill and white-necked rockfowl.

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