Gola Rainforest National Park

Where To Go Gola Rainforest National Park

Gola Rainforest National Park

One of West Africa’s most important biodiversity hotspots, Gola Forest Reserve straddles Sierra Leone’s  border with Liberia, just east of Kenema.

Spanning some 350,000 hectares, Gola Forest is the largest-remaining block of Upper Guinean Forest and home to 49 mammal species, including the pygmy hippo and forest elephant, 327 bird species, including the Nimba flycatcher and Gola Malimbe, and over 200 species of tree.

Most notably, this rich rain forest also provides sanctuary for the world’s second-largest population of the Western chimpanzee, as well as over 60 globally threatened species such as the western colobus monkey, zebra duiker and rufous fishing-owl.

Getting There and Around

Travellers visiting Gola Rainforest National Park will need a 4WD vehicle to access the park. For the road condition and detailed directions to the main entry points, travellers should contact the GRNP headquarters before visiting. All visitors entering the park must also be accompanied by national park staff and a community guide.

To know more about Gola National Park visit https://golarainforest.org/

Top Attractions

Sierra Leone Guided Tours

Guided Tours

Guided tours can be arranged on request for visitors with special interests, such as bird watchers, amateur botanists and nature enthusiasts who simply love the outdoors. Visitors who are interested in seeing specific mammals, birds and plants can contact the Gola Rainforest National Park headquarters in Kenema for their special requirements.

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Sileti Sierra Leone Tourism


Visitors should keep their eyes peeled for the rare pygmy hippo when visiting Sileti Substation, located in Gola South. This area offers two half-day nature trails with opportunities to see diana monkeys, and several species of colobus monkey. There is also an overnight camping trip along the Mahoi River, as well as a three-day trek through Gola South to Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary.

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Laleham Sierra Leone


Keen trekkers should visit Lalehun, just 40 km from Kenema. A network of established trails offer opportunities for trekking and camping in the forest, perhaps with luck views of wildlife and birdlife species, such as the white-necked Rockfowl, Gola Malimbe and African buffalo. The panoramic viewpoint overlooking the primary forest is a must-visit, while the Lalehun villagers may also perform their Gola masked devil dance on request.

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Belebu southern Sierra Leone


Visit the Belebu community overnight in Gola Central, renowned for its panoramic views and mountainous landscape. The local village guides have extensive knowledge about the local medicinal plants and wildlife and guests will enjoy insights into the local culture, as well as a relaxing stay in the community guesthouse.

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