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Kent Beach

Most travellers head to Kent to hop on a boat to the Banana Islands, but it’s worth stopping to check out Kent beach, a crescent of fine sand with calm waters surrounded by vegetation – perfect for a swim before or after making your way across.

How to get there?

Kent is the southernmost beach on the Freetown Peninsula, and getting there will take you about 1 hour/1 hour and a half from Freetown, depending on traffic. A taxi from Freetown will cost about 100,000 Le, alternatively it’s possible to hop on a poda poda from Freetown to Waterloo in the heart of the Freetown Peninsula, and continue on a shared taxi. However, this will take you at least two hours so it’s not really recommended as a day trip.

About the Beach

Kent Beach is located a short distance away from Kent village, divided by a creek, so you’ll have to walk around it to get to the beach. The creek flows near the southern tip of the beach, which extends north for about 1.2 km, an expanse of fine golden sand bordered by trees and coconut palms. Boats to the Banana Islands tend to leave from the southern edge of the beach, so if you want a secluded spot you’d better walk north. A rocky headland separates the main Kent Beach from two other coves, where you can find two beach resorts and good swimming conditions.

Things to do

Most people pass through Kent Beach enroute to the Banana Islands, but it’s worth stopping for a swim before or after your trip, or even spend the night to enjoy the amazing beach sunsets and then set off first thing in the morning for the Banana Islands, when the water is at its calmest. Due to its vicinity to Kent village, you’ll often find locals on the beach, as well as boatmen waiting to take tourists to the Banana Islands – their painted boats make for good photo opportunities, but don’t forget to ask first. The beach offers good swimming conditions, especially close to the rocky headland and in the two little bays just north.

Places to Stay

Nova Afrika is located close to the northern end of Kent Beach and it’s one of the few resorts in Sierra Leone completely accessible to wheelchairs. All rooms have sea view and beds come with mosquito nets, and the resort restaurant offers Sierra Leonean cuisine with a gourmet twist. Another option is Zen Village Resort, with a convenient location on the secluded bay north of Kent Beach.

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