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Village & Community Tourism

It’s easy to mix with Sierra Leoneans and get to know their history and culture when visiting the country – and there are many village and community tourism initiatives to choose from. The Rogbonko Village Retreat is the best-known and will take you into the heart of the charming provincial town of Makeni.

The rural Rogbonko Mathaka, the “The Place in The Forest,” is the next stop where travellers will have the opportunity not only to meet and chat with the villagers, but to live like them, too. They will be able to sleep inside a traditional house, take leisurely walks through the forest and flourishing farming fields, and dine on lots of local delicacies.

There’s also the chance to tour Sherbro Island (also known as Bonthe Island). The locals welcome tourists with open arms and show them what it’s like to live like an islander in a tropical paradise where coconuts and the juiciest mangoes are always abundant and age-old traditions and values reign supreme.

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