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Black Johnson Beach

This pristine black sand beach is located in the central part of the Freetown Peninsula, where water from the Whale River flows through the rainforest into the sea. Palm trees and rainforest all around complete the picture-perfect image of stunning Black Johnson beach.

How to get there?

Similarly, to John Obey, Black Johnson beach is away from villages and suburbs, so you’ll need your own vehicle to get there. Driving time from Freetown is about one hour, and it’s advisable to rent a taxi for a day and have the driver wait for you. You can also combine a visit to Black Johnson with John Obey, about 4 km south – it only takes 10 minutes to drive between the two, walking is not advisable as there’s a rocky headland to cross.

About the Beach

Black Johnson is one of the best options for those looking for a pristine, unspoilt beach. It’s only a couple hundred meters long, with palm trees and the rainforest all around, giving it the feel of a secluded getaway. The water is usually calm, with good conditions for swimmers of all levels. There is also an eco-resort offering accommodation and meals, perfect to get away for a few days without having to travel too far from Freetown.

Things to do

The black sand and clear blue waters of Black Johnson beach are perfect if you wish to relax with a book, take a swim, or just enjoy the scenery. There is also a mangrove forest around the beach that can be explored on foot or by boat. You can ask the resort and hire a guide to take you through the mangroves and learn about the unique ecosystem. Another popular activity at Black Johnson beach is fishing. You can hire a local fisherman to take you out on a boat and try your hand at catching some fish – from barracuda to sardines.

Places to Stay

There’s an eco-resort on one end of Black Johnson beach, offering simple but honest accommodation in huts right on the beach. Huts have individual verandahs and mosquito nets surrounding the beds, allowing visitors to fall asleep with the sound of the waves. The restaurant also comes recommended, with fresh fish and seafood prepared on the grill and a menu depending on the day’s catch.

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