Tasso Island

How to get there? Tasso Island is in the estuary of the Sierra Leone river, upriver from Freetown and a short distance from Bunce Island. Day trippers usually combine both islands in the same excursion, stopping at Bunce for a history tour and then heading to Tasso.   Alternatively, if you are planning to spend …

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Turtle Islands

How to get there? Part of the Turtle Islands’ appeal lies in their remote location. The easiest way to reach the archipelago is by speedboat from Freetown or the Banana Islands – the trip takes approximately 3 hours each way, depending on the tides and sea conditions. There are also boats departing from Bonthe/Sherbro Island, …

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Sherbro Island and Bonthe

How to get there? It’s not easy to get to Bonthe, but that’s part of Sherbro Island’s charm. It takes 5/7 hours to drive from Freetown to Yagoi, a remote port town on the estuary of the Sherbro River. You’ll need your own vehicle, preferably a 4X4 as after passing Bo, the road is mainly …

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Banana Islands

How to get there? Boats to Dublin, the largest of the Banana Islands, depart from Kent on the southern tip of the Freetown Peninsula. Reaching Kent takes about 1 hour/1 hour and a half from Freetown, depending on traffic. Chartering a taxi from Freetown will cost about 100,000 NLe, alternatively it’s possible to hop on …

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Bunce Island Sierra Leone

Bunce Island

How to get there? Bunce is an island in the estuary of the Sierra Leone River, located approximately 30 km upriver from Freetown. It takes about 45 minutes by speedboat to reach the island from the capital, and most people visit as part of organized tours. About the Island Despite being only 600 meters long, …

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