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Other Beaches

Lakka beach in Sierra Leone

Lakka Beach

How to get there? Lakka is only 10 km south of Lumley Beach, and driving takes approximately 20 minutes depending on traffic. Since it’s not that distant from Freetown, it’s easy to get there by taxi or private car – just to remember to allow extra time for traffic during the weekends and at peak …

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Kent beach Freetown

Kent Beach

How to get there? Kent is the southernmost beach on the Freetown Peninsula, and getting there will take you about 1 hour/1 hour and a half from Freetown, depending on traffic. A taxi from Freetown will cost about 100,000 Le, alternatively it’s possible to hop on a poda poda from Freetown to Waterloo in the …

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John Obey Beach

How to get there? John Obey is just north of Bureh beach, but unlike most other Freetown beaches is not close to a village or suburb, which is probably why it’s so quiet and feels so secluded. However, that means getting there requires a bit more planning – it’s advisable to either have your own …

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Black Johnson beach Freetown

Black Johnson Beach

How to get there? Similarly, to John Obey, Black Johnson beach is away from villages and suburbs, so you’ll need your own vehicle to get there. Driving time from Freetown is about one hour, and it’s advisable to rent a taxi for a day and have the driver wait for you. You can also combine …

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Tokeh beach Freetown

Tokeh Beach

How to get there? Tokeh is located in the southern part of the Freetown Peninsula, between River No.2 and York beach. You can easily walk from River No.2 during low tide in approximately 20 minutes, making it easy to visit two beaches in the same day. From Freetown, it takes about one hour to drive …

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Bureh Beach Freetown

Bureh Beach

How to get there? Bureh beach is only 5 km from Kent, the town on the tip of the Freetown Peninsula where boats to the Banana Islands depart from. From Freetown, it takes about 1 hour and a half to reach Bureh beach by private car or taxi, or it’s possible to take a poda …

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Aberdeen Beach

How to get there? The suburb of Aberdeen is set on the northern tip of the Freetown Peninsula, about 2 km north of Lumley Beach. You can easily walk there from Lumley, taking about 20 minutes, or take a taxi from the centre of Freetown which will get you to Aberdeen Beach in about 15/20 …

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River No.2 beach in Freetown, Sierra Leone

River No. 2 Beach

How to get there? River No.2 is 25 km south of Freetown, just north of popular Tokeh Beach on the northern part of Whale Bay. Travel time varies depending on traffic, usually taking between 45 minutes and 1 hour. The easiest way to get there is by taxi, keep or private car, with fees ranging …

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York Beach_best place for beach camping in Sierra Leone

York Beach

How to get there? York Beach is approximately 5 km south of River No.2, about 40 km south of Freetown. It’s definitely easier to get there by private car or taxi, with about an hour travel time, which will also give you the chance to visit other beaches in the vicinity. Alternatively, it’s possible to …

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Lumley beach in Sierra Leone

Lumley Beach

How to get there? Lumley is located about 10 km drive from the centre of Freetown, but getting there might take between 20 and 30 minutes depending on traffic. Taxis are the easiest way to get there – a typical fare from the Cotton Tree area in central Freetown would cost around Nle20. It is …

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